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June 2nd - a primary day?!

These past few weeks and months will likely go down in history as some of the most consequential and important in our country's, and our world's, history. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the tragic death of George Floyd, and the subsequent protests around our country, the US is in the middle of an evolution. To add on to this, we are currently in an election year, and while it feels the election has been overshadowed by different news, the Democratic primaries are still on. Primaries are being held today in the District of Columbia (DC), Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Dakota. While former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee, many former supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders are choosing to cast his name in at the polling station. Why is that? If Sanders obtains more delegates, his policies could be forced onto the party's platform, and it was Sanders' policies that were at the center of his campaign. Some of Sanders' policies include Medicare for All, universal public college, and nationally legalized marijuana. You can learn more about Sanders' policies here, Biden's policies here, and President Donald Trump's policies here. If you are 18 or over or nearing 18, register to vote as primaries are still being held, and Election Day is fast approaching! You can learn more here about how to register.

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