• Luke Gialanella

tuesday tidings issue #3 - 7/7/20

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third issue of GOVLEARN's Tuesday Tidings, bringing you the latest news from the past week in a short and concise package.

  • States such as Florida, California, and Arizona have had all-time high numbers of new COVID-19 cases. These states and many others are rolling back re-opening initiatives.

  • The Supreme Court ruled that states were allowed to punish or fire "faithless electors," meaning electors in the Electoral College which chose to vote for a nominee other than the one they are assigned to vote for. This ruling is what many are calling one step in the direction of abolishing the Electoral College.

  • The US has given formal notice of their withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO), effective 2021.

  • Joe Biden's search for a Vice Presidential nominee continues. See Issues #1 and #2 of Tuesday Tidings for the short list.

  • Prominent figures newly diagnosed with COVID-19: Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, prominent conservative attorney Kimberly Guilfoyle, Cleveland Mayor Kevin Brooks, and Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann.

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