• Luke Gialanella

tuesday tidings issue #4 - 7/14/20

Hello everyone! Welcome to the fourth issue of GOVLEARN's Tuesday Tidings, bringing you the latest news from the past week in a short and concise package.

  • The search for a Democratic vice presidential nominee rages on, though it is reported Joe Biden will be making a statement soon.

  • Many states, including California, are continuing to revert back into a shutdown after surges of COVID-19 cases. Many have stated that it appears states are going back to square one in the fight against the virus.

  • TONIGHT, polls will close in the key Alabama Senate runoff race between Republicans Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville, endorsed by Trump, faces Sessions, the former Attorney General in this heated race. Follow live updates with this link:

  • Additionally, primary runoffs will also be taking place in Maine and Texas. You can see more results with this link:

  • Mondaire Jones has officially won the Democratic primary in New York's 17th congressional district after a very close race. This is a key win for progressives. Jones is on track to become the first openly gay black congressman.

  • BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized for a "possible infection."

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