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Tuesday tidings issue #5 - 7/21/20

Hello everyone! Welcome to the fifth issue of GOVLEARN's Tuesday Tidings, bringing you the latest news from the past week in a short and concise package.

  • UPDATE REGARDING LAST WEEK'S BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has once again been diagnosed with cancer. GOVLEARN wishes the best to her and her family.

  • President Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum on Tuesday that would exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted in congressional districts when district lines are redrawn next year.

  • Democratic nominee Joe Biden continues to dominate polls, with double-digit leads over President Trump in key swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

  • Biden also continues his search for a Vice Presidential nominee.

  • As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, some mayors, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, have warned of a potential second shutdown and quarantine.

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