• Luke Gialanella

Tuesday tidings issue #6 - 7/28/20

Welcome to the sixth issue of the GOVLEARN Tuesday Tidings. This week is different, as I will be listing key races to look out for this November.

Presidential Battleground States:




North Carolina





New Hampshire


Senate Races That Could Flip Red:

ALABAMA: Incumbent - Doug Jones (D)

MICHIGAN: Incumbent - Gary Peters (D)

Senate Races That Could Flip Blue:

ARIZONA: Incumbent - Martha McSally (R)

COLORADO: Incumbent - Cory Gardner (R)

GEORGIA: Incumbent - Kelly Loeffler (R)

GEORGIA: Incumbent - David Purdue (R)

IOWA: Incumbent - Joni Ernst (R)

MAINE: Incumbent - Susan Collins (R)

MONTANA: Incumbent - Steve Daines (R)

NORTH CAROLINA: Incumbent - Thom Tillis (R)

If people are interested more in this topic, go to the GOVLEARN gallery to see more topics related to this. Given the news is rapidly shifting this week, we are delaying the news portion of this blog (covering topics such as Attorney General William Barr's testimony before the House) to next Tuesday.

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