• Luke Gialanella

tuesday tidings issue #8 - 9/22/20

Welcome to the eighth issue of the GOVLEARN Tuesday Tidings.

- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed this past week, and President Trump will announce a replacement this Saturday. Stay tuned for more, and watch GOVLEARN's latest video on the process of nominating and confirming a Supreme Court Justice at this link.

- US COVID-19 deaths have reached 200,000. For more COVID-19 data, visit this link. Stay safe everyone.

- Cindy McCain, wife of late US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has endorsed Joe Biden for President.

- The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will take place next Tuesday, September 29th. Key issues will be the Supreme Court, COVID-19, and police brutality.

Coming soon from GOVLEARN:

Saturday 9/26 - GOVBLOG Post: Donald Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Tuesday 9/29 - Tuesday Tidings #9: Debate Prep

Wednesday 9/30 - GOVBLOG Post: Debate Recap

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